Sacramento County and San Joaquin CCW Courses

Sacramento County and San Joaquin California CCW Permit Courses: $225.00 (+$15.00 Range Fee)

There has never been an easier time to get your CCW Permit in Sacramento and San Joaquin Counties! This Sixteen-Hour course is for residents of Sacramento and Placer County and covers everything that you need to know in order to safely and effectively carry a concealed firearm. Both classroom and range instruction are included with the course.

This course is approved by the Sacramento County and San Joaquin Sheriff’s Departments and satisfies all training requirements for obtaining your California CCW Permit through the county.

Sacramento County Residents: You can take the class at any point before or during your application process.

San Joaquin County Residents: You need to be approved for your permit before taking the class.

California CCW Reciprocity Map

With the California CCW Permit you can legally carry in the Blue and Green States.

Course Registration

Note: If you are booking a pre-purchased course, please click the “Book a pre-purchased deal” link below. You will need your voucher code to register.

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